How excited are you about the progression of the game?


How excited are you about the progression of the game? 20 votes

Do you feel satisfied with the gameplay
thecarterologist958Damon_SkyedarthbyenchiladaRevan110 4 votes
Do you feel satisfied with the direction that the game is going?
thelaughingmanShadowscream 2 votes
Do you feel that other games are better?
panetoneIthilixAleSahnDroh_1979IntrapidooPhastEddyJediKnight_MarkRyanCrackling_DoomyumMegahtronEdwardooOrondoCs99AlmirantAleval95Confused123 14 votes


  • Yes.
    Some are, some aren't.
  • I don't think that's how polls are supposed to work. The options should be answers or statements rather than questions.

    I also feel that the choice between being satisfied with this game and preferring other games is a false dichotomy. I enjoy this game and don't have time for any other games at the moment, so there are none that I like better. However, that doesn't mean I like the direction SWGOH has taken in recent months.
  • Well said. Horrid poll.
  • Well said. Horrid poll.

    If you think so then why even answer?
    Please stay on the questions and be mindful about others because they may have opinions that are constructive that would be beneficial to others.

  • This is not how a radio button driven poll should work. You have asked a question. The radio buttons should be the responses available, and then the results demonstrate a self-selected sample of forum reader opinions.
    Instead, there is a question which cannot be answered by the radio buttons. The irony is that the forums are filled with people frustrated with the game experience (gear, or raids or op toons or whatever).
    I’m satisfied with the game at the moment. New GAS event looks tough. Didn't get past p2, so time to grind on. Don't play other games, so I don't have anything to compare to (except Oregon Trail - that thing really needs some love)
  • Seems to be working as intended thanks for your response
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