275mm GP, 31*/19* TB, top TW guild, avg arena <5

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We are a guild that excels at TB and TW, with a lust for blood and a passion for theorycrafting, highly competitive in all aspects of the game.

What you need to know about us:
• DS GeoTB: 31 :star: | LS GeoTB 19 :star:
• Looking for Wat or KAM shards? We get 48+ WAT and 15 KAM per TB.
• TW – Highly organised | 32-4 TW record. Rank 10-20 every month
• We provide detailed leadership instructions on Discord for each war and work with each player to optimize their performance.
• EU raid times (HSITH/HAAT 7/8 PM UTC, HPIT simmed) – registration mandatory for all raids!
• Discord mandatory and a great community
• We provide very detailed instructions on Discord for each event and work with every individual player to optimize their roster, mods and farming priorities.
• 600 tickets mandatory

We are looking for players that have:
• 5m+ GP with all relevant legendaries
• Mods: 350+ 10 sp., 115+ 15 sp., 20+ 20 sp.
• Top 10 in both arenas

Reasons to choose us:
• We get a lot of * in TB for our GP
• Very organised and stable guild
• We are using 2 really nice bots made in-house for TW/TB that makes life easier for the all players
• No drama
• We don't sandbag in TW !!!!
• We understand RL
• Very chatty members doing lots of theorycrafting
• We help with GAC
• We take into account the direction and preferences for each player and keep that in mind as we shape the guild's direction
• 65% of our members get new metas the first time and 99-100% on the second time

Contact Galdraith#6882 on Discord with your profile or head on over and join our discord: https://discord.gg/JAFTVqY

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