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I'm currently a f2p player that has been playing just under a year now. Even though I won't be getting Malak anytime soon, I know plenty of people who have met the 17.5k power requirements, and yet left disappointed due to the sheer difficulty of the Malak event. I know that the optimal team comp for the LS is JKR, Bastila, and Jolee (which are more or less essential) and Mission and Big Z (which can be replaced). I have heard of people doing it with T3 instead of Mission, however I know this makes the LS much more difficult. I have JKR Relic Level 2, Bastila and Jolee G11, and currently T3M4, Mission, and Big Z are pretty much sitting on Gear 6. This gives me a load of freedom in terms of who to gear up, so the question is, who should I gear up out of mission and t3m4 in a way that will give me the most benefit in the future? I currently have GG at relic level 2, so a zT3M4 would be very useful in ramping up his damage for a GG nuke team. On the other hand, mission could be nice on an old republic team, but I'm not sure how viable this team would be in grand arena.

TLDR: I want to minimise the amount of gear and zetas I invest in getting Malak, and need to decide between gearing up t3m4 and mission. I also want to choose a character that I can actually use in the future outside of this epic confrontation event. Any advice from players more experienced than I would be great.


  • Jarvind
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    If you don't want to smash your head against the wall, go for Mission. The event is already brutally difficult without gimping your damage output unnecessarily.

    Mission & Z remain plenty useful outside of the event either to use under Carth or as part of a mixed Scoundrel team under Qi'ra.

  • lolz
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    Agree with Jarvind. Use Mission if you dont want to break your head. Ultimately you will need both of them so better to do Mission first and get malak and then do t3 later for GG nuke squad.

    Under zCarth lead, I use them regularly in GAC defense. They are decent and dont have any open weaknesses that can be exploited. They have even won me a couple of rounds where my opponent ran out of ammo.
  • Gotta go with Mission and don't cheap out, give the lady her zeta. Big Z and little M are are great plug'n'play duo for Scoundrel teams as well as OR underz Carth lead.
  • I did it in about 10-15 tries with T3. Didn't use Mission. Watching Ahnold's video a couple times really helped. For me, had to make sure he absorbed Crit Damage pod for it to work. Went that route, mostly, because I run a GG Nuke team in Arena and wanted to try and accomplish improving both. I usually sit sub-50 with my Nuke squad, so felt focusing on T3, for me, made sense. I will finish up Mission here at some point as OR squad can be helpful in GAC/TW, but need Mission for that.

    I had G12 JKR, Bast, and Jolee. G11 Big Z and G10 T3 (now G11). I agree though, Mission is the safer play for this event. But, it's, certainly, doable with a zBig Z and zT3. Key, in this case, likely comes down to mods. If you can mod them well, it's much easier. If not, certainly more difficult.
  • Thanks for the help, everyone here has been really useful :)
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