Update on Darth Malak Reconciliation Plan

Hello Holotable Heroes,

We’re letting you know we need to delay the Darth Malak rollback that we originally had planned for today. The rollback is a complicated procedure and we need more time for testing. We’re angling to roll it out tomorrow (10/23/2019) around 10:30 AM PST, but we’ll keep you updated if things change.

We also wanted to let you know that we’ve reconsidered our position regarding the Darth Malak make good. We recognize that there are a number of players that had no idea that the event was giving out duplicate shards based on the messaging live in the game. We can’t preserve the additional shards/promotions as we described earlier. However, we also recognize that many players have now grown accustomed to having their Darth Malak promoted or unlocked. We would like to expand our current offerings to the following:
  1. All players will receive 500 crystals, up from 250.
  2. Players that did not have 7* Darth Malak as of 10/18 12:01 AM PST and are having shards/progress removed, will now receive 5000 GET I and 2 Zeta materials for the progress being removed.
  3. Players that had 7* Darth Malak as of 10/18 12:01 AM PST will receive the previously detailed rewards of Shard Shop Currency.

See you on the holotables,



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