Enough for R2D2?

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TLDR; planning for EP G9, G8 ( GMT, V, Storm & magma).

(I'll outfit the team with +30 speed mods to put across the team) so I should be able to get EP over 200.
Ideal level for these chars?
Should I level EP, GMT, V and storm to 70-something and gradually increase until success?
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  • Follow-up:
    Yes it is.
    No zetas
    EP (L) G9 74, spd 176. speed and 2x mods
    V g8 74, spd 160 speed and potency
    stormtrooper g8 71 spd 110, 2 defense sets and health
    GMT g8 71 spd 135, 2 defense sets and tenacity
    Magma g7 60, spd 132, defense and 2 health sets.
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