Can someone please plainly explain?

First time ever posting even though I’ve been screwed before. I’m not completely up to speed on the whole issue with Malak. So if anyone can answer a few questions without insults, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

I’ve been busting my butt and spending money to get Darth Malak. Was only able to get 75 shards the last event from the light side path. Was not able to complete the dark side. This event the light side was an option again. I took it and got another 75 shards and unlocked Malak and started building him up. Should I not have done the light side again? Is the issue that it shouldn’t have been available? Do you have to complete dark and light sides to unlock him? If so, and there is no repeating the side you’ve already completed, how do you get more shards to 7* him? Kind of confused after this whole ordeal so any information would help. Thanks.


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