Why are we getting different rewards?

I am very upset about this whole malak event thing. I don't understand why we are all getting different rewards. I was in the group that spent money the first time he came out so i could get him. then i had to buy him with GET. which we all know takes a long time. then the event comes about around for the 3rd time and i see that people are getting 150 shards for beating it even though they already have him. i was **** because i would of just waited to get the shards vs spending all the GET. we all know that the guild shop is the best for gear, so i would of loved to save that currency for gear. i just don't understand why we are getting different rewards.people who had him 5 or 6 star then did the event and got the free shards are getting GET and im getting shard shop currency????? What the hell this is some bull crap. they get the best currency in the game for basically cheating and i get shard shop currency. that makes so sense to me this is just BLASPHEMY


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    Could be worse, you could be like me who was part of the only legitimate group supposed to get something out of the event and yet I seem to have got sweet FA. I'm giving it a few days to see if there's any change and if not I'm uninstalling and dropping a review in the play store...
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    yeah i was very close to **** the same when relics came out. im getting closer and closer to uninstalling everyday. CG seems like they just dont care about the game anymore and are just milking the whales.
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