Scheduled Update 10/24/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today’s Update contains several changes to address the Star Forge Showdown issue.

  • Star Forge Showdown event has been scheduled to start at 11:00 AM PT (18:00 UTC) tomorrow (10/25)
  • Darth Malak has returned to the GET Store
  • 500 Crystals sent to all accounts

Notes about Darth Malak Reversion:
  • 6 dot mods are not intended to be reverted with today’s update and these mods will remain on sub G12 Darth Malaks. These mods cannot be immediately re-equipped to Darth Malak if removed unless the character meets the requirements (Gear Level 12)
  • Due to a technical difficulty, the Darth Malak gear reversion did not work in its entirety. Not all players had their gear fully reverted, with most gear G12 and below remaining on the character. We have opted to leave the gear as is for the moment as we believe we have left many of the Darth Malaks in unique situations (6* Darth Malak with Gear 12, etc), that are ultimately in the player’s favor. Check your Darth Malak first if you think you are missing some gear. It may not have been moved
    • If you would like to request to have gear returned to you, please reach out to our Customer Service representatives. We’re going to review the volume of these requests tomorrow morning and determine the best course of action to take.
    • If the volume is high, we’ll start to work on a version fix to correct every affected player’s Darth Malak gear for next week.
    • If the volume is low, we’ll take care of them on an ad hoc basis.
  • You may have received an inbox message in error with a blank amount of shards. This has been fixed.

What happened to my Malak?
You had Malak before this event at 7*
  1. 500 Crystals
  2. You may receive some shard shop currency
    • If you did not complete either tier of the event for a second time: 2250 Shard Shop Currency
    • If you re-completed only one phase of the event: 1125 Shard Shop Currency
    • If you re-completed both tiers of the event: 0 Shard Shop Currency
You had at least some shards of Darth Malak (less than 7*) and re-completed at least one tier of the event
  1. 500 Crystals
  2. 5000 GET
  3. 2 Zeta materials

All Players:
  1. 500 Crystals

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