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  • I got 5000GET 500 crystals and some gold for doing nothing except the DS event again lol
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    I really don’t have time to sift through all of the commentary on this fiasco. Can someone just simply tell me if I will get additional shards for my five star Malak if I participate in this event today?

    No. You already have Malak unlocked so you should not get more shards for replaying the event. Doesn't mean you won't get them, just that you aren't supposed to.
  • Has this actually been resolved?

    UNIT - Fives may not prevent a Clone Trooper from being defeated if he is not in the 5th slot in the character selection screen. The short term solution while we fix this is to always pick Fives last when setting up your squad.

    I checked Answers HQ and it was reported twice and it says resolved, but I don't recall seeing anything saying that it was actually fixed, nor is on the Bug Tracker.
  • LONG POST AHEAD. Food for thought.

    [My exposé on the state of SWGOH]

    I have been playing for 3 years and have spent a bit casually here and there. I am just putting my thoughts out here on the game thus far. Just for the record, I have never commented on any forums for anything ever (even outside of games), and i feel that i have to and that this is timely, in light of all the fiasco with the malak event.

    Personally I'm a 5* G11 owner of malak (2nd round of starforge showdown) who thought it was cool albeit the mildy frustrating light path, to be able to replay the event. I realised i got 150 bonus shards(kudos to CG they eased the malak GET crunch). And with the 45 shard i had previously bought from the GET store, i upgraded my malak to 7*. After learning that this was a bug, i suspended my plans to G12 malak to facilitate CG's ease of rollback, only to realise that -- whatdya know -- people who G12 their malaks and put the 6E Mods on malak have a rolled back malak 5* but with 6E mods stuck on. This happened all while new GA cycles were ongoing.

    Well, you don't need a degree in rocket science to know that this is clearly wrong and that people were disadvantaged, not because of choice but because of circumstances within CG purview. It just seems like every effort to right the wrong just makes it worse.

    This brings me to the thoughts on the whole issue and SWGOH at large.

    FYI The most valuable customers, are those that complain within reason, as they let you know what is wrong, what can be done to make it better.

    Then again, there are some toxic customers such as cheaters/slanderers, which you should spare every effort to stamp out.

    More importantly there are those customers who are silent, who may or may not spread bad words about the game, and or take their business elsewhere. Eventually, one day, there is a sudden realization that everyone has left without knowing why at all, or what went wrong.

    For the above reasons, surely one must recognise that SWGOH needs a good public and if not customer relationship. In many ways SWGOH is a is an open ecosystem of sorts, and if not an "online country", and that CG is the manager of this ecosystem, if not the regulatory body/owner of this "online country". With every ecosystem and relationship there are gives and takes. And for mobile game business, there are FTP and PTW, i get it.

    However some core principles must never be undermined. There are many instances out in public domain of ecosystems failing catastrophically, dying out gradually etc. and even long histories of revolutions and how countries rise and fall. Many analagous lessons can be drawn from this scenarios and applied to SWGOH on how reasonably best to solve such issues, especially for issues where a single party is clearly at fault.

    The bottomline is that, If the plankton go extinct, so do the whales.

    I really do understand that many are caught in between, and do not have the decisionmaking powers to enact positive change not only for the business but also for the community. It is likely this comment will just end up as some random comment that just gets buried under the thousands of other comments and get swept under the rug...

    In the slim chance this comment sees the light of day and reaches the higher management, i hope that something can be done, not just for the short term but for the longevity of this game.

    I personally enjoy SWGOH and firmly believe that it is a great game. I am certain CG can and will rise above this fiasco and will spare every effort to improve on SWGOH, notwithstanding what a great game it already is.

    This fiasco is timely reminder for CG to consider to re-evaluate their business strategy.

    As a start, the data trend of outgoing player from SWGOH as a result of this fiasco, is a good indication of the health of SWGOH.

    Moving forward, I hope CG can come up with a more strategic plan that works out not only for the business, but also the community at large.

  • I was one of those who made the event without knowing it was BUG, ​​I completed in the first 30 minutes of the event. I really thought that I had changed the shape of the event and were giving the shards. I spent money to buy the equipment and put it G12 +, spent more than 9k of crystals. Can you give me 500 crystals? And my money I spent? My 8000 crystals? I don't want items, I want my money and crystals back. They didn't give me back all the shards, it's missing 45 shards. How will you solve this?
  • @CG_SBCrumb do you not think there has been a big oversight in your reconciliation plan? I was about to unlock Malak and completed the DS phase for the first time. I left it there and was going to spend that evening doing LS and had swapped some mods (wasting in game currency).

    If I had taken advantage of the bug and rushed through both sides twice, what situation would I have been in as a player?
    Instead I still have no Malak. No GET currency, no free zetas, no Malak for the current GAC.
    Don't forget about the honest guys.
  • @CG_SBCrumb you guys messed up. Again. Plain and simple.
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