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Ya so..... screw GOH!,screw this game!, and screw malak! So good😡 if I can’t get him in this go I have to wait to get my gems, gear, time, and energy’s back and the actual MONEY I spent to get him levelled are all on hold, so hopefully I can get him even though have attempted the light side 20 times and always seem to get him just past the red he gets three turns all health steal and he’s back to full
So like I said good thing all my efforts are on hold so I can keep attempting to get the final stage and if not I guess it can all be on hold for the next 4 months or more until they do this event again
So I am beyond frustrated and I am almost done with this game and I will be writing several bad reviews about this game, it has been extremely poorly managed and handled
My team is 110,000 power 5 zeta
And yes I have watched the tutorials if any better ones to watch feel free to suggest
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    You literally need to follow the steps exactly. Keep killing the droids and try to get armor shred on malak. When your in a good spot make him absorb 2 of the 4 pods (check to see which ones on YouTube). Then destroy the other 2 tubes and attack malak.
    Always call zaalbaar to assist and you need really good offense mods on zaalbaar and mission v. Its tough but doable
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