Disappearing Buttons Update

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We saw an increase in players reporting buttons disappearing during battle with the start of the current Territory Battle. Our previous "band aid" did not work as well as we had hoped (only restoring around 15% of locks), but thanks to the extra logging we recently added, we believe we have isolated the main culprit: a specific interaction with characters who generate additional turns or attacks that are queued up right before an encounter ends. Characters like Count Dooku are particularly prone to triggering this problem and we are investigating if we can make some temporary changes that reduces the need to use them in battle.

Fixing this issue continues to be a top priority and a daily focus for the team. We are working on a tentative fix for what we have identified as the primary issue, but the combat system is extremely complex and there may be other interactions we have yet to identify that are causing similar behavior. As much as we want to deploy a fix immediately, we are likely going to need 4-6 more weeks to address this problem. We know this bug can be incredibly frustrating to experience, particularly in the events that cause you to lose a critical team for the rest of the event. In the short term, we’re going to be changing some of the requirements of the next Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle to remove some of the problematic characters. Those requirements will be reinstated once the fix is live.

This issue has turned out to be difficult for us to pin down an exact cause and has been in the game for much longer than we would like. We apologize for the disruption it has caused you and thank you for your understanding while we work to solve this issue. We will update you as soon as we have additional information on the fix. You can find updates on issues (including this one) on the SWGoH Developer Tracker.
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