GAC Tie question

Gentlemen, since GAC is on the move this is the first time I ended up with a draw (1067 - 1067).

As far as I know, this will be decided by who has more GP. Is this still how it works?

I have 3,6M (2,2 toons, 1,4 ships) and my opponent 3,9M (2,4 toons, 1,5 ships). I would find this very unfair to have the outcome of this match based on GP.

Can you enlighten me?


  • Valeran
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    And it is a loss! What an absolute joke! I held against a formidable opponent, managed to get a tie and he wins just because he has more GP. I'm legit **** now...
  • Konju
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    A tie goes to the higher GP.

    1. This promotes roster development, potential income for CG.
    2. Matchmaking is based upon ‘X’ number of characters. For Div. 1, you are matched based upon your top 80 characters and used 66 in this last 3v3 season. The results can vary but usable power levels are often close.

    I understand the frustration with such an outcome, but it does make sense. I often face 1M more GP opponents and it is challenging each round, but our top 80 are relatively similar. It’s not perfect, nor does it always seem fair, but there is logic behind the outcome.

    In another thread recently one user put it like this: the battle is over and the result was a tie, think of the leftover GP as reinforcements or deployment. More GP would win.
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