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    Unfortunately the only people that can help you are the CS reps at EA Help.

    I suggest you open a ticket, and then message CG_SBCrumb with the open ticket number and ally code to see if he can help.

    Messaging crumb is a joke. Not saying he doesn't get a lot but he responds to zero messages. If messaging crumb is a point of emphasis he should be tasked to respond. Amd before anyone jumps to his defense. Kozi responded and the game was nascent then and they actually cared about game changers.
  • Post it in AnswersHQ. The QA Support there can handle more complicated situations than customer support.

    Ever since a customer service rep unknowingly granted a player a free 7* Negotiator, I think they are being extremely frugal with shards.
  • Ok so just a little update, spoke to two more advisors and a supervisor today. Interesting point raised in the call I just had, the advisor asked if I had spent any money on the game as there is a different metric for compensation based on the level of spending.
    At the point I called him out on that, he backtracked very quickly and said that is not what he meant. I’m not quite sure as to how it could be interpreted any differently really?

    Ea customer service confirm that unless your a regular spender on the game, they aren’t interested.

    Makes the recent conversations on whale/dev private chats a little bit more believable as well.

    @CG_SBCrumb @CG_TopHat @Kyno
    Anyone care to comment?
  • Was this conversation recorded. That would be an interesting listen.
  • @Obi1_son when you click the submit request call button it states that calls are recorded for training purposes, so on there end yes.
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    Sent this to crumb and staff, closed topic feel free to also dm crumb details to help him look into this
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