Developer Insights: BTL-B Y-wing

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are discussing the BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter, with the designer, CG_Mandellorian! This prominent clone wars-era bomber can punch above its weight class when paired with a Galactic Republic fleet. You can also check out the Hyena Bomber if you prefer the cold, metal Separatist ways instead.

Q: Why should I unlock this ship?
  • CG_M: This ship is a heavy tank that gets extra Protection from Galactic Republic allies, including those in Reinforcements. It’s clearly a great fit for any Galactic Republic fleet in need of some survivability and wants to use their Hound’s Tooth in another fleet. It may look like it only has average stats for a tank but it can have over 150k Protection in a fleet made up of all Galactic Republic ships. It’s going to take a while to chew through those shields and you will still have to deal with the constant healing from its allies being critically hit.

Q: Why is this ship crewless?
  • CG_M: Unlike the droid ships which really don’t have a separate pilot, the BTL-B Y-wing would normally have had a pilot but we ended up not including crew. There was a long discussion on whether we should include an older, well owned clone. In the end, we decided to make it easier to unlock by not requiring crew members from your collection.

Q: What is the ideal capital ship for BTL-B Y-wing?
  • CG_M: Negotiator is the best choice, but Endurance can also provide Valor which helps boost the Y-wing’s damage. The ship is designed to fit into a Galactic Republic fleet and really shores up some of the team’s weak points. It matches the survivability of Hound’s Tooth but also provide the Galactic Republic faction with something extra.

Q: What fleet should I include the BTL-B Y-wing in?
  • CG_M: A full Galactic Republic team is key for the increased survivability of the BTL-B Y-wing. I’d recommend a starting line up Anakin’s ETA-2, BTL-B Y-wing and the Umbaran Starfighter with as many Galactic Republic Reinforcements as possible. Ahsoka is a great inclusion in this team, she hits like a Ronto and can provide the team a dispel.

    OK, I need to tell you about something: Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter (Blade of Dorin) is super good as a reinforcement and very few people are using him!!! He’s a hidden gem in fleet battles with a full team dispel, great health and protection recovery, plus he gives turn meter to the whole fleet.

Q: What role does the BTL-B Y-wing cover for a Galactic Republic team?
  • CG_M: Galactic Republic fleets were in need of a big, tanky ship to absorb incoming fire while its allies dish out the damage. It’s definitely a front line ship and adds more variety to the tank role in fleets.

    In general, we are using bombers as tanks in fleet battles with their heavy armor, slow speed and big threats.

Q: How does this ship feel to command in battle?
  • CG_M: BTL-B Y-wing hits pretty hard for a tank and its Special hits your target and the weakest enemy. The Special ability, Torpedoes Away!, also dispels both targets and can be really useful to get around taunt. When defeated, the Y-wing gives allies 30% counter chance, which can really help the Galactic Republic fleet deal enough damage to bring down the enemy.
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