Updates coming to Grand Arena Championships!

Hi Holotable Heroes!

The second Grand Arena Championship is winding down, so I want to take a moment to preview the next notable change for this type of event. With the Championship starting November 7th, there will be a new twist on Grand Arena Championships.

One of the things we wanted to do with these Championships is to apply a theme to them, and this is usually done around the Feats that occur throughout the event. The exhibition championship, the launch championship, and the one that is just finishing up were themed around the Clone Wars with feats that featured the Galactic Republic, Clones, Separatists and General Grievous in various fashions. For this next one we will be focusing on a specific faction: the First Order.

With the theme of the First Order comes some new and interesting feats to challenge you. While many feats are repeating from earlier championships, quite a few are brand new and will ask you to do things to earn those points in new and interesting ways. Feats like “Advantage: First Order” where you need to gain Advantage in Grand Arena 50 times. There’s also a feat for using three First Order military troopers (basically anyone who isn’t Kylo Ren), as well one for using Phasma and First Order Executioner in a squad together. There’s even a feat called “FN-2187” which asks you to pair a First Order Stormtrooper with the traitorous ex-Stormtrooper Finn and win a battle in the Grand Arena.

That’s not all, we’ve even got feats for gaining Fleet Arena victory with both First Order TIE fighters (the normal and the Special Forces variant), as well as winning with Kylo’s TIE Silencer and different feat for winning with his Command Shuttle.

Finally, we’re making a small change to the way the layout works. We’ve added a single ship zone to the Grand Arena maps to spice things up. With more people unlocking the Negotiator, and the Y-wing and Hyena bombers hitting the game, we can finally start to include more ship content into the Grand Arena so that you are not facing the same squadrons over and over. We have further plans along these lines for the next iteration of Grand Arena Championships, so don’t get too used to any particular Grand Arena set up. What we can say is that we have no plans to shift the maps within a single Championship. All four Grand Arenas will use the same maps, so you will have had plenty of opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t.

We look forward to changing up Grand Arena Championships more and more as the feature grows and as your roster unlocks more strategic options. Good luck in your battles!
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