Needing Guidance

I’m currently working on my Rebel squad. I was wondering if I could get some advice from experienced players. I’ve had the game for a while, but I’m just now getting serious about it.



  • Check out some of the farming road maps. You seem to be on your way, but some of the toons you seem to be focusing on just are not going to net you very much.

    The best recommendation is to choose a faction and go for it. If you want to stick with Rebels, you might need to switch your focus. CLS led rebel teams are still pretty competitive. Finish your five Empire toons for R2, and finish Stormtrooper Han, and you'll be able to get CLS. You need Bounty Hunters for Chewie who is almost a requirement in a CLS team, alongside Raid Han, earned from the Heroic Pit Raid. For BH, Bossk and Dengar really make the event easier. The other three should consist of Jango, Boba and Cad Bane.

    Note: if you are able to farm Jango, you will also get Hound's Tooth shards, which you will also be farming Bossk, so there you go.

    When you finally get CLS, your team can consist of CLS lead, Han Solo, Chewie, Old Ben (which you have) and another rebel. I personally use Biggs/Ackbar and Fulcrum in my CLS squad. Someday I'll switch Old Ben in there so I can have a tank.

    That's my recommendation if you want to stick with Rebels as your first main team.
  • Another note: if you are not in a guild that is doing the Heroic Pit Raid on a regular basis, you need to get in one that is. The sooner you can get Han the better. Even if you aren't able to contribute much in the Raid, you will still get shards.
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