My CLS Minimum Squad

I completed CLS today & didn't have to add any gear over what I'd had for the last month+.

I barely survived final fight with only Leia standing un-stealthed w/ 2 red slivers.

So I wanted to post it as a pretty good look at "Minimum" for folks wondering.

Its possible to do it with less I'm sure but this is fairly low.

Old Ben isn't used in the final fight so his extra gear isn't required & he's got way more than is needed since he's also my Arena tank.

The rest are G8 w/ Leia at G9

I have a pair of Omegas on R2 & Leia as well. (Basics as well as her Stealth & R2's Flaming Oil)

Most other abilities are around 4-7 range. No Zeta's anywhere.


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