Ally Code Sharing [November 2019]



  • Returning player. Starting a new account. Could use some veteran allys to clear content :)

    Thanks in advance!


    Ally code: 494-127-214
  • 545-342-284

    New player, could use some help if any of you higher ups are feeling generous
  • New player, level 30, and looking for an ally if any veterans are feeling generous!

    Code: 733-343-789
  • Hi just started, need allies 913194371
  • 284-446-472
    My leader is Chewie
  • Hi. Just started an alt account. Would love to get into an active guild. Only lvl 39 atm, but started only 3 days ago . Btw. i’m Norwegian , so a Norwegian guild would be preferable, but absolutely not a must.

    Code: 373-486-438
  • KillerSwan13
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    edited December 2019
    Hey just started an alt account and desperately need some high lvl allies to help me progress in LS and DS battles!

    Ally code: 722-949-171

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Returning player, new account. Looking for peeps who like competitive play, new or veteran.

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