GAC Division GP Poll

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Since relics were introduced GPs have been skyrocketing across the board. Even on the first GAC high end players were hitting towards 5.6M gp which makes Division 1 a very large threshold. Right now the max player on is at 6.7M.

CG previously said these thresholds will be up for revision in the future. Do you feel this is a good time to either introduce more divisions or move all divisions up a notch?

I didn't want to granulate more options since both would serve the same end. But please do bring along your rationale how much and how this should happen if you think it should happen at all.

GAC Division GP Poll 10 votes

IronCross7AnimalMotherNo_TryDar_PentharHawthorneBiggsDarkFarterCadoaBaneSchwartzring 8 votes
Yes, but not currently
thecarterologist958 1 vote
Chi69 1 vote


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