Developer Q&A - 11/01


  • With the influx of new ships and introduction of them to GAC, when can we expect a fleet management section to better organize and preset our teams?
  • Any intent on changing the HAAT rewards. I suggest getting rid of the Mk 10 & 11 BlasTech Weaopon Mod and replacing it with anything else.

  • Can we get assault battles and ewok/nightsister events rolled back to 2 days again?
  • When can we expect a new legendary character?
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    Epic Confrontation
    1. Why did you decide with 5 star unlocks for Epic Confrontations? Why not 6 stars?
    2. Why did you decide to use Guild Event Tokens for promoting epic confrontation toons? GET can only be acquired by guild wide events like TW, TB, and GAC (~1 shard every 5 weeks). GAC aside, all the rest require participation of the entire guild (50 members) but EC toons were individual unlocks (1 member). The rest of the guild certainly didn't help us unlock them, so why depend on them for the remainder of the part?

    First Order (VERY IMPORTANT)
    1. I love First Order, what can you say to excite me about your upcoming plans for them?
    2. I hope they retain their Turn Meter manipulation, advantage and stun niche even though the meta has far advanced and stops them
    3. I'm hoping First Order Military is a subfaction like Imperial Troopers!
    4. How are you planning on releasing more capital ships now that Territory Battle content is over? Events like Home One? Legendary event like Chimera? Or GET 2 store? Or a new release method? Can you tell us what that release is going to be like?

    1. Any ETA on when Relic Abilities are arriving? Can you hint us on potential big winners at this moment in time (subject to change obviously) like GG was for finishers, Darth Maul was for protection rework?
    2. Any ETA on when Battle logs will be arriving?
    3. Funniest response from the anniversary survey?
    4. Any updates on interguild GAC?
    5. Have you considered Solo Raids? Existing Raids that are generated using individual daily tickets and tuned to one player instead of an entire guild?
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    Boomer8800 wrote: »
    Can we finally Make Tuskins relevant?
    Not releasing A'Sharad Hett was a missed opportunity, Hopefully next time they look into prequel content, he makes an appearance

    If Shaak Ti could make existing outdated clones relevant pre-rework, he can too!
  • Hi, in recent months your posts promised to loosen things and make it easier for less developed players to catch up. With the floor being raised with new events with a power minimum requirement and relic power creep, will you do anything to significantly make cresting gear levels easier?

    I love star wars, but the investment requirement right now is so high that I don't see it as worth playing until something changes. I've been left behind and won't be catching up anytime soon as a poverty level f2p player.
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    It would be much appreciated to have a node with a Wampa to fight so players may actively work on the bounty hunter prestigious quest line. Or, maybe a special reoccurring “wampa cave” event, which would have several inside, and could yield <surprise mechanic> rewards. Thoughts? (please say yes 😆)
  • I’m wondering about transparency between developers and players as far as new content moving forward and whilst I recognise that you may like to/have to keep specific details under wraps, would it possible to have a release calendar or road map that details when players can expect something new being added to the game? So say your next character that you’re going to release, even if there’s no name or kit, allow us to know an ETA a month in advance so that we can have some excitement for incoming content. Speaking for myself, not knowing when or whether to expect something is more irritating than not actually having anything new to look forward to.
  • Are there any plans to get into the eSports Market? If yes, what needs to be done to make it happen?
  • So, when are you gonna release the ARC Trooper ?
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    We welcome the effort of making Kyrotech more available as rewards, but... what are the plans to ease the grind on other gear like Stun Cuffs, Stun Guns, Byotech implants, etc...that are required to reach gear levels between G8 and G12?
    It is a struggle to get to G11 and even after reaching G11 that character is still not usable at all in PvE or PvP content.
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  • Was Unending Loyalty changed? it seems to recover 25% hp now in the in game description, but in the kit reveal it did not have that HP recovery. I don't recall this ever announced either?
  • Can we please reduce cantina energy refresh to 50, add mark 5 stun guns to challenges or a new tier in general, guarantee an omega drop in fleet, and give all placements a chance to earn fully crafted gear in sith raid it's been more than long enough now :/
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    Do you plan to make General Skywalker playable?
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    Was Unending Loyalty changed? it seems to recover 25% hp now in the in game description, but in the kit reveal it did not have that HP recovery. I don't recall this ever announced either?
    It was changed in the most recent content update:
    UNIT - Fixed an issue with Negotiator's "Unending Loyalty" effect that was causing a ship to become invincible when it was applied more than once. This required buffing the effect a little bit by added a small heal when the effect is triggered. Unending Loyalty will now grant Stealth, Protection Up (50%), and recover 25% Health when a ship reaches 1% Health.
  • Hey guys

    What kind of power can we expect from relic abilities?
    Active? Uniques? An extra lvl for those existing?
    Also, are you planning on releasing them this year?

  • Do you have anything in the works for improving QoL with mods?

    Would love to see an enhancement to loadouts so that you could save loadouts on your whole roster (or subset if that's excessive) to quickly change things up depending on the game mode that's active. (LS TB, DS TB, TW etc...)

    Since GeoTB is the current endgame content, I can imagine mod swapping a whole lot more one LS and DS TB start alternating each month
  • With the release of Geonosis Territory Battles, a 3-on-3 battle structure was introduced (You vs Jedi vs Acklay). Will this type of 3-on-3 battle structure ever be released outside of Territory Battles? And are there plans to expand on this battle structure, such as you vs two other players or you vs another player vs AI?
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    What is your opinion about decreasing requirements to increase gear lvl from g11 to g12 to 6* instead of 7*?
    The same with 6* mods?

    That might resolve problem concerned with 5 * unlocks...
  • Would you please give us an update on the Malak event, including but not limited to: will there be a rollback, when the event will come back, will the rewards for the error be equal this time, what the rewards if any will be.
  • Was Unending Loyalty changed? it seems to recover 25% hp now in the in game description, but in the kit reveal it did not have that HP recovery. I don't recall this ever announced either?

    @MasterShake2129 -- that was done in the recent update to fix the invulnerability bug that came from when it was stacking.
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    Jk - I love these Q&As and am excited that you're doing them regularly :smile:
  • It seems like the Championship Store was introduced as both an additional incentive for performing well in GACs, as well as a place to help with the high-end gear crunch. However, I've found I'm forced to completely ignore the store, fearing it'll be the landing spot for the next great character shards - rendering the Championship Store completely useless (for now). Are there plans to add characters in that store?
  • Any thoughts on having a community wide event that requires us to do damage to (Star Destroyer, Shield Generator, Planet, etc) and as the community hits certain damage targets we all get a specific reward, with total destruction giving an end grand reward
  • Any plans for new levels for LS, DS, Cantina and Fleet battles? (And with it a bunch of new somewhat random characters from different eras?)
  • Do you have any plans to increase the size of your team, in order to roll out new content faster and more diversified (not only whale game modes), control bugs more, to avoid things like the recent embarrassing Malak fiasco, etc?
  • Do Capital Ships count as Allies in Fleet battles? For instance, would the BTL-B Y-Wing gain more protection under Negotiator/Endurance being as they're Galactic Republic ships? Or are the Capital Ships their own entity?
  • Why did you decide to destroy Anakin Skywalker model?
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    I would like to start by saying despite recent issues, I still really enjoy your game. Thanks you for all the work you out into it.

    My Question is Do you have any intention of adding any more Nightsisters to the game?
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