Have a life and enjoy the game too. Join The Republic Rori!! 180 mil GP

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The Republic Rori is a planet of peace and happiness. We do not wage unnecessary war on others. But if war comes to us, then we will show no mercy!

180+ mil GP
Players from around the world.
20 stars in Geo DSTB.
7 stars in LSTB
Guild reset is 23:30 UTC.
Hsith at 23:00 and 11:00 UTC
HAAT at 1:00 and 15:00 UTC

We are looking for semi-casual players that participate in all guild events.
If you like a focused guild that constantly pushes, then join us. Do not hold yourself back! Come on in!


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  • Update!

    Guild GP: 190M


    Raid Times: alternating (20:00 SGT; 21:00 CET; 21:00 EST)
    Rancor: Sim
    HSTR/HAAT: alternating (20:00 SGT; 21:00 CET; 21:00 EST)

    DS Geo TB: 23 Stars, 27 Wat shards
    LS Geo TB: 10 Stars, 0 KAM shards
    TW record : 45/55

    We can offer:
    - Competitive Environment in TW and TB
    - Fun and helpful group of people
    - Guidance on rosters and teams
    - Encouraging leadership

    We require:
    - Focused roster around 3.0M GP: in possession of JKR, DR and DM, farming for GAS or GL
    - Be DS Geo TB ready with decent Seperatists (g12 Geos at least)
    - Good ROTB roster is a plus
    -TW and TB participation is mandatory
    - 500 tickets daily
    - swgoh.gg profile
    - Discord



    If you're interested, please visit us on discord: https://discord.gg/Dzw4HSH
    Ask for Rori and a recruitment officer will contact you ASAP.
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