501st team Looking for New Recruits

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501st team

We are an active guild looking for a few more members to help round out the squad. Through a lot of hard work, we are currently simming Pit (24 hour sign up), destroy tank, and are running HSTR on a regular basis.

All members are expected to participate every day, enter into all TW and TB, and participate in raids. We are hovering around the 9-star range in Geo TB and regularly destroy higher GP guilds in TW. It’s been a while since we lost.

We do operate multiple in game text channels and run a discord for those interested. We do not require a discord account, however we have fun there and everyone who is a member is welcome.

Some expectations
- Have at least 1mil GP
- A good attitude

SWGOH: https://swgoh.gg/g/31546/501st-team/

If you are interested, send me a message on one of the following links:
- In game ally code: 463-744-256
- Discord: AtreiNero#8955
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