Plan B or Wookie's resolve for a leader ability which one would be better?


  • Also how is First Order Tie Pilot when he gets to 2 or 3 star? Is he worth it?
  • Tie pilot is a glass cannon. Great for offense, but easily wiped in 2-3 hits when defending.
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  • Worth having in your roster, priority depends on how you like to play.
    "That is why you fail."
  • Chewie will take you farther than Han but you'll eventually have to dump him too, not enough dps.
    He's very very rare to see above level 45-50.
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  • Thanks guys
  • Loce
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    I say chewie all the way.
    My chewy is lvl 51 5+gear and 3s and 4s in ability. I still use him solely for the fact that I don't have anyone else that can take his place yet. His health is high enough to make his taunt very useful for protecting the rest of your team long enough to squeeze in a heal if your opponent comes out swinging with high dps. He will go down fast against good teams, but will also draw specials that have 3 and 4 turn cool downs, leaving a dps gap for you to get your shots in. Even if he only absorbes 2 high DMG specials he has done a great job for the rest of your team. If you can combine that with his self heal, even if he is defeated, it puts you in a good spot to take down a Darth Maul and/or Sidious in the next turn. I'll take that deal any day. If you manage to make it to his second taunt (which is happening less and less for me) then it can directly save at least one of my higher DMG low health toons. At this point more times than not my heal cool downs on my healers are ready and he draws at least one shot away so I'm able to pop the heal.

    I have only played Han by borrowing him, but what I've noticed is his health isn't high enough to make his taunt as viable as chewy's. His special is decent and can be pretty cool, but the return doesn't add up for me. I've read a lot of people that say they like him, and their opinion on him is better than mine, but I'm taking chewy.

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