What gear do I need for Phoenix?

Hey everyone! I’m looking to see if my Phoenix squad is good enough for AoW and Emperor’s Demise. Here is the link to my squad: http://swgoh.gg/squads/173309/

I’m looking to see what gear level my characters need to be. All basics and uniques will be omega. No zetas. Shooting for 7 star in both events. Thanks for the help.


  • lolz
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    Assuming your toons will be 7 star by the time the event comes, 7 star EP wont be a problem. It is one of the easiest events. For thrawn you need G9 for ezra, G7-8 for the rest. G10 ezra will be a big bonus. Toon levels need to be as high as possible. I would recommend level 80 atleast. Even with this you will need several tries as the event is pretty RNG based. If you struggle, putting some potency mods on Zeb will help. His daze and stuns are crucial.
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