Now There Are Two of Them! Summoning Unit Details

Hi Holotable Heroes,

With the upcoming release of ARC Trooper, we will have 2 characters in the game that can summon an additional unit at the start of an encounter and you are probably wondering what happens if you take both of them into combat. Most of the time, it wouldn’t be particularly useful to have ARC Trooper and Geonosian Brood Alpha on the same team but let’s examine what happens in this situation for future cases.

First, there’s a couple rules we should cover.
  • There is only one slot for summoning units regardless of the size of your squad
  • There is a definitive order in which these units will be summoned. - The unit at the top of the order will be summoned and the others will not
  • ARC Trooper’s Blaster Turret is at the top of this list and has priority over summoning the Geonosian Brute
This means even if you bring a 4 man squad containing both ARC Trooper and GBA into battle, it will only result in 1 summoned unit, the ARC’s Blaster Turret, at the start of the encounter. For the moment, we choose to prioritize ARC trooper over Brood Alpha because the trooper’s kit is more dependent on the summoned turret to be effective. Geonosian Brood Alpha can hold his own fairly effectively without his Brute, though the Brute certainly helps.

As we release more characters and ships that use the mechanic, we are working on a longer term solution and we will continue to refine and develop summoning tech. Right now, it doesn’t make strategic sense to have these characters on the same team so it’s unlikely to be an issue. That said, in the future we are looking into how we give you the choice or some agency over which unit will be summoned at the start of an encounter.

Thanks for reading and see you on the Holotables!
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