Scheduled Update: 11/06/2019

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update contains several bug fixes and adjustments for daylight savings. Darth Malak’s event, Star Forge Showdown has been rescheduled for Friday of this week.

  • Bundles, Packs, and Event timers have been updated to reflect the end of daylight savings time.
  • Star Forge Showdown returns 11/08 @ 11:00am Pacific (19:00 UTC)
  • BTL-B Y-wing event start date was moved from 11/7/2019 to 11/14/2019
  • Reverted Jedi Knight Anakin’s Portrait back to his original version

  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Chewbacca's “Loyal Friend” could cause him to assist multiple times per turn.
  • UNIT - General Skywalker will no longer exit "Cover" and gain Deathmark from enemy Darth Revan.
  • AUDIO - Stopped the audio quality from degrading over time on some 64-bit devices.
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