Lifted Restrictions on Geonosian Territory Battle and the Acklay

Hi Holotable Heroes,

With phase 2 of Separatist Might coming up, I wanted to answer a frequently asked question about the Acklay battle. That is, if Geonosian Brood Alpha is still the only unit with the Beast Warden ability that can remove the Acklay’s enrage.

The answer is yes, you will need GBA in your squad if you wish to use the Beast Warden ability and calm down the Acklay. GBA does not need to be in the leader slot, but does need to be present. The ability was not given to any other units, so while you are able to use any dark side unit in the Acklay battle (for this run of the Territory Battle) it may be insurmountable if you do not have Geonosian Brood Alpha in your squad.
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