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Hello All,
Much to Learn is looking for some new members. We are a US based, independent, stress free easy going group of guys and gals with ~175 million GP who currently do 18 stars in the DS GEO TB.

Having said that we do ask that everyone try to get their 600 raid tickets in daily (but we know real life is a thing so we wont pester you if you miss it here and there).

The only mandatory participation we require is TB's

Territory Wars are optional but if you do join then you must participate in both Attack and Defense.

All raids are heroic and Generally Start between 5PM and 8PM ET. (GMT -4 to GMT -7)

We would like you to join our discord channel at (it's only appropriate that our discord is Mc Pimp'n as we really are a fun bunch) and have an account. link: (

Most of us have been together for years. Anyways check us out we would love to meet you.
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