Tb freeze

Can anybody say which teams trigger the freeze?i used gg with droids freeze,geos freeze,dr and guess what a nother freeze.Can i please play the **** event?


  • Just entered first fleet battle, before I could tap any button: freeze.
    Nice way to throw away almost free 800k TB points!
    It happens too much lately. I'm in constant fear the game will crash on me every time I enter a battle. Sometimes it crashes in wave 3 as well.
  • It’s only happened to me twice.
    Last Geo P1 special And then today during the 2man Dooku/Vent Mission.

    The game froze. Dooku didn’t get his 2nd Attack. Then after 2-3 secs the game started playing by doing nothing; the fish guy counterattacked I think.

    And when it was my turn, the buttons came back.
    Is that normal every few times? Has it ever happened to anyone?
  • Now i got a freeze in arena,can we have a normal game CG?k2o45cn3763c.jpg
  • In this past TB I've had just under half my battles freeze. A couple were with Dooku or Greedo which is probably the known issue. Yet the next time with Greedo worked fine. One crash was the Acklay mission at the very start. That one is bad as it means it means I can't use my Geo team for that new specific content until 2 weeks from now (Wat mission coming up still). Very disappointed.
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