We have a gear lock on salvage, we need a currency lock for shipments

Considering we're encouraged to hoard Guild Event currency, accidental purchases can really screw us over for weeks worth of progress at a time. We should be able to lock a currency so we can hoard without the possibility of accidental purchases.

Cause my screen hitched earlier while I was scrolling with my finger and I just bought 4000 GET1's worth of Hermit Yoda shards. That's more than a Geo TB for my guild and I was trying to hoard for General Skywalker when I eventually got him. That's setting me back like half a month to an accident. It WOULD be the most expensive thing I accidentally bought too.

I'm never going to unlock Hermit Yoda or ever use him (even if I finish General Skywalker and Malak, It'd be best to hoard for future EC characters instead of spend on old characters). So it was a complete waste.
I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.


  • Arrrrrgggghhhh.... it just happened to me in Shipments. Accidentally clicked on 16 shards for Bastila Shan when I’ve had her maxed out for ages. Cost me 1,280 crystals that I didn’t mean to spend.... Help me CG, you’re my only hope!
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