How it works

I'm farming Darth Sidious to 7* to unlock the shard shop. Soon i'll got him to 7*.
How exactly does the shard shop work?


  • You can trade excess shards from the heroes you already got to 7*. Conversion rate is 10:1 (10 excess shard gets you 1 shard shop shard)
    There are 6 characters and General Grievous avalaible for trade at the shop and this resets once per day.
    Grievous trades for 15:1
  • OK thank you very much!
    So is still need to farm Darth sidious to trade the shards für these guys.
    What other Characters are in the shop?
  • It really isn't that good for f2p. I only use it to get Rey and ewok elder shards.
    There are 6 random characters in the shop and always General Grievous.
    To open the shop you have to get 1 hero to 7*. But you can only trade in shards from the heroes you already got to 7*.
  • Ah OK now I got it.
    Thank you for your help!
  • this sounds a harsh conversion rate, is there an exclusive character in the shop thats worth it? You could probably unlock x2 toons for what it would cost for one in the shop?
    the force is: strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement
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