Can my CLS team beat this Geo?


  • Maybe. Doesn't look like you have another choice.
  • What?! Where's your jawas???
  • If you have enough physical damage to nuke GBA with the opening from Han/Chewie, yes. Then Call to Action from CLS to hit someone with Tenacity Down from Chewie and get an expose. If GBA not dead by then, CLS hopefully out-speeds their first move and finishes him off. If already dead, hit spy with CLS/Chewie.
  • Gifafi
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    I’d rather hear more about that resistance line-up
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Gifafi wrote: »
    I’d rather hear more about that resistance line-up

    What do you want to know? That's my zz KRU or BH counter team.
  • TVF
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    CCyrilS wrote: »
    What?! Where's your jawas???

    The CGDF is no more. Now we hate CG because of conquest. Say hi in our Discord!
  • You better don't talk about secret Rebel counter teams, you may be kicked out of your guild.
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