Grand Arena Feats Issue

Hey Guys,

Question about GA feats. I believe there are feats for getting a certain number of 1 attempt clears against your opponent. I believe this GAC season, there is a feat that awards you points for having clear all matches with 1 attempt. I'm a pretty competitive GAC player and will attempt to get every feat possible. The issue I'm having is that my opponent only set 2/3 characters in the front zone, because of this, I wont be able to hit the number of clears with 1 attempt in order to get that feat complete. This sucks because due to the lack of my opponent's attention to detail, I'm being punished for it. Is there a way this can be fixed?


  • Yeah, wait til next match to finish the feat? Alot of people forgot to set 3/3 it's not just your opponent. Heck I almost only set 2/3 today. Its tough but something you just gotta deal with..
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