Fleet Arena - Negotiator Valor Affecting More Than Ultimate Ability

I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it seems as though Valor is having an enormous effect on the speed and abilities of Negotiator, certainly more than is written in the ability text.

So far only 5 star Negotiators are showing up in fleet arena shards. But with well-geared pilots, these FIVE STAR Negotiators are outpacing and getting to twice as many actions as SEVEN STAR Home Ones with g12.5, 6 dot mod Ackbars. I don't think it's just the effect of having maxed pilots. I think Valor is doing way more than it's written, maybe reducing the cooldowns of all abilities or jacking up the speed to untouchable levels.

I've found that these 5* Negotiators are:

- getting their first reinforcement out before 7*, g12.5 AA Home Ones
- getting their second reinforcement out before Home One even when its first reinforcement was Phantom 2 (which reduced reinforce cool down)
- getting double the number of turns as 7* Home Ones

This seems way out of scale for a two star difference in the power of the capital ships. I can see how you would want the new meta to be the strongest (that's the tone of the game), but the curve on this thing seems broken.

I'm taking the time to post this here to find out if these are unintentional consequences, to be helpful, and give feedback. If it IS intentional, then I don't know what to say...


  • Because data is useful, please share your experiences. Do they match what I've posted above? Do they differ?
  • I think Valor buff affects Negotiator in same way as Endurance (i.e. grants turn meter to capship), but Negotiator kit completely miss it's description, so I'm not sure if it intended or not. Usually I don't observe any unexpected behavior from Negotiator but there were some rare cases where it actually moved like crazy, so there may be some inconsistences.
  • From in game when you tap a ship with the Valor buff:

    "Valor: Grant allied Galactic Republic Capital Ship 15% Turn Meter and reduce its Ultimate ability's cooldown by 1 at the end of turn"

    It's the description from Endurance that hasn't been updated.
  • That's such a broken buff. I smell a TIE Reaper-level nerf incoming. But not for about 3-4 months so the Krakens and Whales can enjoy their run.
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