How bad defense is even with my 6* squad

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My squad sort of proves how bad defense is (and also why I'm still going for other characters).

Arena squad that you'd all laugh at Level 70 - all 6* Sid (L), RP, GS, Phasma, and a 5* QGJ. All max geared.

My arena power is 23K. I face teams that are easily 4K or more higher in power and some matches I still have all 5 standing at the end. Some may be near death (QGJ especially) but I won. All the teams in my ranking (200-300ish) have 7* level 70 teams. There may be a few with a 6* in there but it's mostly 7* teams and all are level 70.

My highest level toons are 6*. I have Lumi, Poggle and others up there as well but all stop at 6* I always stop and go after somebody else. Why? Honestly I dont feel like grinding out 100 shards each. I've got near 7M in credits and lots of droids. I can finish GW against the 7* level 70 teams with my deep roster (and I just got Barriss which makes things infinitely easier).

Honestly I am happy where I am at in Arena. I am on an old shard and I am sure the top teams have full meta, max everything. I still get shredded when I try my luck against a maxed Rey/Yoda team or other top tier. Starring up my top squads I really dont know if it would really gain me much in the game. I am sure the top 50 or even 100 are a pretty crazy in how fast rankings swap around.

I thought I would have to go to 7* and as the game gets older and older with caps going up and other things changing maybe I will but I think it really shows how bad defense is as well as how you dont "truly" need a 7* team to go far in the game. You'll never hit rank 1 and honestly probably not top 100 but you'll be able to progress along just fine.


  • wettshoes1
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    Best way to play the game is how you want to play it... Not how others think you should :) enjoy
  • Coriantum
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    Personaly I would put Phasma as leader. Because the extra attack is quite powerfull with a dps team like yours.
    Not enough jedi for QGJ to be worth except if you add lumi. Poggle do his best in droïd teams because of the speed boost so I wouldn't upgrade him.
    You could try leveling IG86 to complete QGJ and Geonosian Soldier, with Phasma Leader and Lumi you'll get a big burst and a little healing, or stay with sid without Lumi to block healing.
    (But with such DPS is it really necessary to block heal ?)
    It's just an arena suggestion, it is not suitable in GW.
  • ASD_Dad
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    I tried Phasma as lead and hardly got an assist which is why I went back to Sid for his better crit chance. I can try her at lead again. I am getting some wonky results today anyway!

    86 is only 5*, level 7 gear. I can get him to 6*, I actually thought about using him more. I used to use Lumi but it seemed like she never lasted long. I had Lumi in place of RP or even Phasma for a while. With no healer I dont even bother targeting Sid first now. I go after glass cannons as always and then healers.

    QGJ needs another star but he is fast and I use him for offense up vs. my Poggle and an extra assist from hopefully RP or GS.

    Phasma I mainly use for TM usage. VM first so I get a quick extra turn and then Fullisade later if she is still around which she usually is due to her health. Extra attacks from her are a bonus but I cant count on them.
  • QGJ lead, he goes first, if he calls RP or Geo you're off to a good start, Sid goes and Geo next who might have O up if asisst

    You could also put Lumi in and she goes to 141 speed with QGJ lead

    QGJ lead, Geo, Lumi, Sid, RP

    You have QGJ, Sid, and Geo going early, Lumi to heal if it goes bad early and RP to clean up from the earlier damage

    If you run QGJ at 5 star he should be in the lead so he actually gets a hit off before getting taken out
  • ASD_Dad
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    I'll try that. I think I may have tried that in the past before I threw in Phasma for TM help. Phasma lead really didnt do much for extra attacks.
  • Ivan_Drago
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    Pretty sure you will change your opinion higher up the ladder. It is very likely guys up top have better teams compared to what you currently face. And you would lose often with this setup against the AI.

    As an example: Dooku led team of QGJ, Yoda, GS and Rey (all maxed) or same team with QGJ as leader, or any of the above with RG instead of someone, or a combination of the above with Daka, plus there are also Phasma-led teams that are painful to play against. You would most likely suffer a lot against those teams.
  • ASD_Dad
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    Never said I wouldnt. I am at rank 215 currently and just fine with that. It would take me weeks to get a maxed RG and I cant even get Yoda right now if he was back.

    What I am saying is that I do face 7* level 70 teams with Rey, Yoda, etc. now that are at 4-5K higher in power than me and I can still beat them with my 6* team. Well, not so much Rey and some others. None of my guys can one shot her off the start and she is a single person wrecking crew...

    I am sure I would get instantly slaughtered against a top 100 team let alone a top 5 team.
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