In a galaxy far far away.....GAC...

Was best part of game, made youtubers make decent videos, tested our roster and got decent rewards.
In a galaxy today..... boring, no rewards, don't really care to make kyber as the 200 crystals is best reward I can make finish 21st in squad arena. The rewards I can get from bronzium packs.
Absolute the rewards in a month long Fight, I enjoy the rivalry. But seriously sort the rewards.
1 hsith is better than a month of GAC.


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    To each his own
  • Even though the rewards are bad, it’s still the best part of the game, for me at least.
  • I'll elaborate a little, I used to care if I win, I don't now. Put fleets in ok, reduce zeta rewards, now I care less.
  • U actually set D?
  • Well in div 5 I wouldn't stop my opponent getting free stuff. I always set D.
  • Alloswen
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    Daily I open my bronzium packs, finish top 10 to 1in squad and fleet arena, and know I done better than a month of GAC.
    Edit. Doesn't that seem a bit wrong?
  • jayjonbeach
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    With you 100%. GAC is the best part of the game, and the rewards don't match the effort, AT ALL. If there was an option (and there should be) to LEAVE the GAC right now, I would, I don't want to bother it. I can't believe there are going to run ships for an entire month and give us no Zetas the whole time. Combine that with TOTAL TRASH promotion rewards, so you get ZERO gear from the month, and its a big waste of time. Yuck
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