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Hi All,

New to the game and forum so feel free to move thread where appropriate.

Oct 2019 shard. profile:

I've got my Phoenix nearly ready for Thrawn event which is landing in 2 days. EP event is landing at the end of the month too, so I'm after getting both of these unlocked at least at 5*.

With that in mind, and considering I'm so over Phoenix and want to build and Empire/Sith team, what would you say for:

EP(L), Thrawn, Nihilus, Sion, Bastila Shan Fallen

My shard currently has a lot of Phoenix, some full Empire, some Empire/Sith, NS and Geo.

I would zeta EP first and then put 2 zetas on Thrawn.

I've got Vader and Death Trooper slowly gearing up in case I need to swap for rebels etc.

The idea is to mod up the toons so they can hit hard and load up turn meter so fast that opponent can't take a turn before they're defeated.

In terms of gearing up, I have Nihilus at 3* and Sion at 2*. It's going to be another month till I can start farming them from DS/LS battles but is it a workable idea to go ahead and gear them to G13?

Thanks for the help.
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  • Nice Plan xD
    But i would only take Nihilus and Sion to G13 if you can get Traya.
    And only Thrawns unique is relevant.
  • Hi,

    Few comments/suggestions:

    1- don't say "sith empire" or people will think drevan, malak etc.

    2- your team suggestion is not bad (it is a good one, really) but it's actually not a valid option for the short term or the long term. What I mean is: on the short term, it will take you months to bring Sion and Nihilus to 7 stars, so your team will be not at full power for several time. They both start to be somewhat viable after 5 stars if you have very good mods, but before I think they are too week. On the long term, usually Sion and Nihilus are combined with Traya, while EP usually goes with Vader and Tarkin. Same goes for Bastila, which goes with drevan.

    3- Considering this, for the moment I would actually go for EP(L), Thrawn, Vader (which can be very fast thanks to his unique and can put a lots of debuff, he is usually the first to go), Tarkin (lots of debuff, removes TM and has capital ship), and bastila fallen. However, considering that you do not have also bastila at the moment, you can add the Tie fighter pilot (nice ship and does good damage/ debuff) or death trooper (but keep in mind that you will then use him in an imperial trooper team)

    hope this helps. Good luck ;)

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I won't get Traya or DRevan anytime soon. So is Nihilus & Sion not viable with lower stars but fairly high gear?

    I'm thinking I'll need a tank, so with Empire, I'd need to farm Shoretrooper?
  • Your hypothesized squad is exactly what I run in Arena, and I do alright. I usually place in the high 90's/low 100's at payout which again, I'm totally ok with. Granted, I've been building this team for a long time (Sion, Thawn, Palp all R4) and decent speed on all (no one below 260) but my point is, if you decide to put in the work, this setup will reward you well. Just make sure your Thrawn is the fastest of the group (for Fracture purposes) then Sion (for Dispel).
  • Thanks for the replies.

    I won't get Traya or DRevan anytime soon. So is Nihilus & Sion not viable with lower stars but fairly high gear?

    I'm thinking I'll need a tank, so with Empire, I'd need to farm Shoretrooper?

    Sion is your tank for now. Eventually you'll want shore possibly so that you can build a seperate team.

    For instance I often use palp thrawn vader tarkin nihilus/shore depending on opponent. Shore is quite a chore to farm though, so give it some thought first. On that same note, Thrawns lead could eventually be useful for a full empire squad, but it all comes down to how you want to seperate your teams. Palp lead is usually superior to Thrawn.

    Shore and /or stormtrooper are also both imperial troopers so they can help you build that squad in the meantime as well.
  • Cool, so I’m thinking for now:

    Palp (L), Thrawn, Vader, Tarkin, TIE Pilot

    This is for two reasons:
    (1) Last 3 toons are also going to be used in my fleet
    (2) This gives me time to compete and have an “alright” fast Empire team for events and Squad Arena while I wait for Nihilus, Sion, Shoretrooper shards being available to farm at which point I’ll play around with an Empire team with Shoretrooper and Empire/Sith with starred up Nihilus and Sion.

    Thx for the input.
  • Yup, that's the basic Empire command squad. Give Palpatine his lead zeta if you can - you wont regret it. The only other zeta to bother with there is Thrawn's Ebb and Flow.
  • ThorinBoaYan
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    Thx for the input.

    When going with zPalp(L), Vader, Thrawn, Nihilus, Sion, what would be the best mods for Sion? I've heard he can be deadly with lots of speed so I wander if putting speed mods on him would be best or offence/defense with speed secondaries?

    Aiming to make all the toons 250+ on speed with Palp and Thrawn zetad first.

    Got Tarkin, TIE Pilot to play around with too.

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