168M Looking for 6 More + Free Treya & Wat Shards!

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Gone Sithin (https://swgoh.gg/g/6008/gone-sithin/) is looking for 6 more members to fill us back up and help us grow our star count in Geo TB. We are a fun and humorous, fully heroic guild that enjoys playing and conversating about the game. We have a diverse discord with channels/discussions about all areas of the game and we encourage players to ask for help or provide knowledge where you can.
Guild Details
  • 44/50 members
  • 168M GP
  • HPit Sim 3x per week, HAAT Farm 2x per week, HSTR 2x per week
  • Usually around 42 stars in Hoth; 18 stars in DS Geo TB!
  • Discord required
  • Guild reset is 7:30pm PST; mix of West coast and East coast players
  • Currently have 1 Rey and 1 SLKR
Who we are looking for
  • 2.5M+ min GP
  • At least 1 HSTR teams (JTR, JKR, NS, DR)
  • At least 1 Geo TB team preferred (Padme, Seperatist Droids, Geonosians)
  • Discord Required
  • Daily player (we fully understand that real life > game)
If this looks like it fits and you want a good home, hit me up either here or in game (ally code below). We are also set to open join so feel free to just join but be warned, we will removed people that are far from the criteria above.

- BlazinSamurai (371-828-887)

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