Content Update 11/14/2019

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update contains an update to the November Calendar and changes the Territory Battle: Separatist Might mission entry requirements to no longer allow all Dark side units. We believe we have a fix for the missing buttons issue and will be addressing the bug in a client update prior to the start of the next Territory Battle.

  • Updated November Calendar
    • DS Territory Battle added - 11/18
    • Territory War 99 moved - 11/24 (Attack Phase starts on 11/26)
    • Territory War 100 moved - 11/28 (Attack Phase starts on 11/30)
  • Territory Battle: Separatist Might - Mission entry requirements no longer allow all Dark side units.

  • EVENT - Map 2, Combat Mission 1 of Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle has the correct capital ship displayed.
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