HSTR rewards: big disappointment

I tracked the last 26 HSTR rewards, in which I was always 1st-3rd:
6 "left side" full pieces
2 "right side" full pieces (G12+).
This is really depressing...


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    So there's a 3-in-10 to 1 in 3ish chance of getting a full piece?

    I don't know if I would say that's depressing or even disappointing. Of course, I'm not you. You're free to be disappointed by whatever. I suppose it all depends on your expectations.

    I'd certainly prefer that that's more a top-10 type of result and top-3 would have more like a 50%-70% chance of a full piece, but I'd prefer that they don't add another capital ship to GET-2 and just require an activated Negotiator to get your next capital ship (5* gets you 5*, etc.). I Freuding HATE having my GET force-allocated to meta and/or required toons/ships (because you know that the Negotiator is going to be required in LS TB). It would make it somewhat more tolerable if you pay once (it's still a lot of GET2, so you don't skyrocket through the acquisition process) and get 2 ships by using the first one as the required capital ship for a legendary event for the 2nd one.

    That's the kind of stuff that hacks me off. Not the % chance of full gear dropping.
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