What are arena mods?

I've seen this term alot and dont get it. There are no mods to buy in the arena store so I'm guessing it means mods specifically used on your arena team. But depending on the team those can very different mods. What does this really mean or what am I missing?


  • yes its your best mods which are used on your arena team. mainly good mods with really good speed secondrys
  • What LynnYoda said. That term doesn't mean any specific mod loadout. It just refers to your best mod sets. Like you said, depending on the team, it can be very different. It's a very loose term. The reason this is a thing is because as your roster grows, you won't have enough "ideal mods" to go on everyone, so you put your best mods on your squad arena team(hence, arena mods) so you can rank up and get rewards there.
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