The Mandalorian character concept (Minor spoilers)

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Hey guys! I made another character concept, I hope you all enjoy it! Also, be warned, there are minor spoilers for The Mandalorian ahead...

The Mandalorian
Dark Side, Attacker, Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel

High damage attacker that buffs enemies at their own expense

Basic: From the Hip
Deal physical damage to target enemy, and grant Evasion Up to the target enemy for 2 turns. This attack has +10% critical chance and critical damage for each living scoundrel ally, and has a +12.5% chance to stun target for one turn for each Bounty Hunter ally. If this attack scores a critical hit, attack again (Max once per turn, does not include counter attacks)
(This is his blaster pistol)

Special 1: Sniper Rifle specialist (Cooldown, 3)
Deal special damage to target enemy and inflict armour shred, which can’t be evaded or resisted. Bounty Hunter allies gain Accuracy Up for 3 turns, and all scoundrel allies gain +15% turn meter for each enemy with more than 50% turn meter
(Sniper Rifle)

Special 2: Hot or Cold (Cooldown 4)
Deal special damage to target enemy and inflict burning for 3 turns. This attack ignores defense and has +5% critical damage for each Scoundrel ally
(Arm flamethrower)

Leadership: Anyone Else? (Zeta)
All Scoundrel allies have +25 speed but The Mandalorian has -40 speed, and all allies gain Offense equal to 15% of all allies total Critical Chance. Bounty Hunter allies cannot be critically hit if they are suffering any debuffs. Enemies that evade any attacks lose 5% turn meter and lose 2% max health (Stacking)

If there are more enemies than allies, Dark Side Scoundrel Droids assist whenever an ally attack, dealing 50% less damage.

Contract: Critically Hit an enemy 20 times
Payout: Gain 5% critical damage (Max 20 stacks) every time an enemy evades or resists.

Unique: Bounty Hunters Resolve (Zeta)
At the start of the battle, The Mandalorian gains Bounty Hunters Resolve, which cant be prevented, dispelled or removed.

Whenever The Mandalorian reaches 1% health, if he doesn’t have Bounty Hunters Resolve, he takes a bonus turn, and can only use a new ability ‘Last Resort’. If this attack defeats an enemy, he gains Bounty Hunters Resolve, and regains health equal to 100% of the damage dealt.

Last Resort:
Deal Special damage to target enemy. This attack ignores protection and defense and has +100% critical damage. Target enemy has +100% counter chance and accuracy immediately after being attacked

Bounty Hunters Payout:

+50% critical chance and after being attacked, there is a 30% chance to gain Foresight for 2 turns

Let me know what you think. Also, I have more concepts coming for TFA and TLJ characters!
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