Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle - Republic Offensive [MEGA]


  • phase 1 battle 1 g13 r3 clones & shaak tb points.... WOW .... didnt even clear 1 battle. :(
  • The difficulty on this is WAY overtuned. I get that it’s supposed to be end-game content and it’s supposed to give us something to advance towards, but this is absurd.

    A quality G12 team shouldn’t be able to clear a combat mission, sure—but they should at least be able to clear one wave of that mission.

    My roster isn’t the best, but it’s pretty good. I cleared one wave of one mission, and only nearly took out Hounds Tooth with a fleet that before Negotiator could finish 1st some nights.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with this except that there’s no alternative. Like, if Dark Side was the only TB available right now I could get some progress, but because this happens in lieu of the DSTB our growth is stunted. We need 12 stars to get the rewards we’d get in a DSTB—I’ll withhold final judgement until I see how many stars we get, but right now I highly doubt we’ll get even 10. With Hoth, in comparison, the rewards scaled such that the stars lost due to the difficulty increase were made up for by the rewards and, in the end, we tended to get about the same or even more rewards.

    I’m not one with a record of complaining about everything. I was stoked when this was announced, but all that excitement died about the time I got wiped on the fourth consecutive Combat Mission without getting a single kill and saw a Wave 1 mob crit for over 100k damage. That’s just ridiculously overtuned and unfun.
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  • TommySitt wrote: »
    So, how long until the announcement comes out for the next paywall invention to add onto relics, to make Geo content possible to handle? I say a week after TB ends, qnd a week before LS TB returns, the packs show up in the shop

    ^^This. I have been hearing alot about the new TB. Trust me.. ya don't wanna know..
  • Phase 4 platoons help you out in phase 3 missions? Gee, thanks.
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    WAI is a joke... r7 GK, r7 jka, r3 rest of jedi squad 0/4..... I’m sorry that’s not WAI in p1. CG u are crazy come on. P4 ok.... essentially this is the last new content they will create and in 3 years when the first guild gets max stars the game will get shut down
  • What a fack. 13t 7p 0/4. All battles 0/4.

    for whom did you do this. play it yourself. then you have a general anaken attacking and also with provocation. what are you smoking. make a normal game.
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    So this confirms both CG and EA are complete ****. Either they screwed up yet another launch and settings aren't right. Or they think the community is their personal pinata. Just waiting for the **** whales to pay out to see if it is possible. FYI fully R7 teams are lucky to clear 2 levels in phase 1. Realistic thinking is what should be considered.


  • Are you trying to disgust players who do not pay?
  • Continue like this and you will keep a small elite that will quickly feel very lonely.
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    In 6 days time, CG will let us know the top guilds are getting about 20 stars which is working as intended. To manage the difficulty, we are releasing relic 10 and a 1-of-a-kind bundle to help players progress the LSGTB.

    Shhhh SPOILERS... lol
  • Wow does CG want this game to die!?! My fully relic team got 1/4 on the missions and there bossk ship one shooted my bigs ship! Good job CG!
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  • This is some serious ****. I have a full r7 Padme squad with great to god level mods all 6e and couldn’t beat the special mission in round one. How is that a good design? I literally have no means of making my Padme team better than it already is. I whaled out on getting it this good too. This has turned into a crap game run by people who don’t get it.
  • Tweak difficulty to that of guild gp total.

    Higher the total power the tougher it is. Wont take away the p2p, and itll allow the lower power guilds (players) the opp of actually enjoying these TBs. Should never take away the chance of farming a toon...lately the requirements have disabled many a player both new and old without dropping coin.
  • Seriously what the hell. I don’t post in the forums ever but this is total crap. I am 4.5m GP have Padme, JKA, Ahsoka relic 4 and GK relic 7 full zetas and I couldn’t even beat phase 1. This should be a little harder then dark side TB not absolutely frickin impossible. I don’t know who at CG thinks this is fun but it isnt.
  • RussianSKS wrote: »
    I attempted 2 missions. Both didn't make it through phase one. I stopped. Deployed. At this point you gain more points by simply deploying than even trying. Zero fun

    I'm not sure you know how it works.

    Your chars get deployed when you battle. So even going 0/4 you get the same as if you deployed. There is no way to get less by not battling.
  • Not fun and looking unattainable. I have 5 toons at relic 7, can only get to 3/4 on the mission. Not sure what else to do. Not fun at all
  • This TB is garbage. I get things are supposed to be harder but how can a team of relic toons not even get past one wave of the first phase? I’m never on these forums but this event is so ridiculous I feel like I have to comment. This is supposed to be a **** game. So how is it fair that you guys have set it up so it is impossible to win? How come the devs are sitting on their **** while their game is burning to the ground?
  • I question the timing. SW 9 is out soon and angering more of the SW fans was a good idea?
  • I question the timing. SW 9 is out soon and angering more of the SW fans was a good idea?

    Pretty much. CG seems on a mission to see how much they can alienate the player base.

    This was posted in my guild discord today:
    "Hoping this is really just a mistake on CG’s part. If not, it most likely will make me, and I imagine a lot of long time players finally give up. I’ve been back and forth quite a bit lately thinking about leaving the game.
    I have 4.5 mil+ GP, an very extensive roster, and even spend money on occasion (more so lately) and seem to get nowhere. When your top squad gets wiped out in phase 1 before you get a turn...where’s the fun in that kind of game play?"

    I'm sure he's not alone. My guild is going to have to go back to hoth LS TB. This will cut my GET2 income in half. Will probably destroy my guild and many others. Thanks CG! Great job there!
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