Shaak Ti in Geos TB SM1 is a “raid boss”?

Shaak Ti in the last round of the SM shows as ‘elite’ but is somehow immune to the max health reduction of GG’s special attack?
Ended with my G13r5 GG against Shaak Ti one on one. Battle on auto for well over a half hour so GG’s damage output should have kept going up due to his special attack and she should have slowly kept loosing max health but nothing changed.
Eventually forfeited since it was never going to end.
Did I miss something? I can’t find anything that says she should be immune and that he shouldn’t get the max health increase unless she is a “raid boss”, which she certainly shouldn’t be.


  • The max health reduction can be resisted I think
  • Nvm it cant be resisted, maybe she just has a crap ton of health.
  • Elite units have their tenacity virtually unpenetrable without tenacity down. Did you have any debuffs on Shaak? Otherwise the health reduction doesn't trigger.

    Also, don't use GG on the phase 1 SM, whether he is G12 or r7. Ideally you want B1 to enter the last wave with as many stacks of battalion as possible, yet with GG in the team you are lucky to have B1 alive by then.

    It's Nute's extortion that gives you control of the field and his zeta should be your main source of damage. The better fifth is a tank to draw away fire at least until wave 3/4. Magna or GBA, whichever you have at higher gear.
  • Every time I've faced Shaak Ti in that special mission I've failed. I pumped up Magna to R3 for this try and didn't end up facing her, so hooray for 15 GET Mk 2.

    The other benefit to not using GG in the special mission is he can go into the Poggle mission along with GBA and make easy work.
  • Easy work? Idk if i've ever even done 3/4 (maybe once) and my bugs are g12 and my GG is r7
  • Well she isn't counted as a raid boss since DN can one shot her with his Annihilate.
  • As RandomSithLord said, they need to be debuffed for Skittering Horror to lower their max health or GG to gain max health.

    As Ruark_Icefire said: Nihilus can annihilate her, so she doesn't count as a raid boss. Between these 2 things it seem both the question itself and the lack of understanding that triggered the question have been addressed:

    No, she's not a raid boss, and their max health didn't change because Shaak TI wasn't debuffed when GG would hit her.
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