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    Darth Revan event next date ?? I’m farmed the last months and spend more crystals...
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    Darth Revan event next date ?? I’m farmed the last months and spend more crystals...

    We are past due at this point. :(
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    Umm... Cool story bro.

    Bots don't care if you enjoyed it.
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  • I know I’m not the only one, and I won’t let the flame die out, CG please add Galen Marek (Starkiller) to the game! Not that this will be acknowledged but come on people, don’t let the Starkiller love die! We NEED him! Maybe we can get AhnaldT101 to make another meme-y music video but for Starkiller so they’ll add him lol
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    The fandom loves the Clone Wars era stuff though, the new ST stuff not so much.

    Most people do not care about TROS, they care about TCW, The Mandalorian, and Jedi Fallen Order.

    Stop acting like there’s one unified fan base. Plenty of people hate the prequels.
    When people argue about opinions, haha. There should actually be no place for real hatred among true fandom. To dislike something compared to other parts of the franchise is understandable, as for me e.g. I the sequels are the least enjoyable part of Star Wars - but that can't be called "hate". If I felt hate in my heart, I couldn't call myself a fan anymore.

    I hate the ST but those are Disney I’m a fan of the prequels and OT which are George Lucas and to me are Different from each other but if you hate on the prequels or OT then you are not a Star Wars fan you are a Disney sequel fan. The mandalorian is kind of in the middle and depends on the direction they take it
  • Ah, yeah the absolutely unmatched galactic legends LOL. Luke Skywalker, Darth Revan, Emperor Palpatine... filthy paesants, am I right?
  • I am excited to see more unlockable characters with the release of rise of skywalker, however, for those of us who love clone wars content will we be getting characters fro Tb such as Sniper Droid, commando droid, or Ponds? Doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult considering their kits are already developed inside TB.
  • So after reading several pages so far of pure and utter disappointment about this road to death. It's clear to see everybody including myself does not know what monster has been created. Since there is a number of huge HUGE problems as can be read between the lines here in this thread. I'll mention one of the biggest. Though not every single bit of new content falls under this problem but most part it's like this. When something new gets introduced to the game an overwhelming amount of players will never experience how good it is. Take this Ki Adi Mundi for instance. I don't have a prayer of unlocking that anytime soon, and I'm in an amazing guild too. It feels like these insurmountable obstacles to having fun with something new are a little bit everywhere in the game.
  • When will he have a Road Ahead where you finally announce that you're going to test the stuff you release before releasing it? People are pretty bored of being your free testers. You could at least return the gear in addition to the ability mats when you nerf a character because it's a f2p counter to your last, crazy meta.
  • We’re on the road... to hell...
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    Translation...we want to level cap as many new, naive players as possible for $100 so that they can join the rest of you behind the paywall and in the gear crunch. You. Are. Welcome.
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    Can I have 3 chewbacca shards instead of ALL this so generous bundles?

    3 chewbacca free shards, so I can feel like you REALLY appreciate for all this years spent with this game.

    Please type in the google meaning of the word “free”. I’m sure you don’t know this word
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    It feels like these insurmountable obstacles to having fun with something new are a little bit everywhere in the game.

    Whether you are having fun or not is of no concern to CG/EA, they just want your money. They have figured out that desperation offers the best ROI.
  • Now for real, is any f2p having fun with the game?
    I know I'm hooked with the game the last 2-3 years cause I loved the movies, but lets get this straight, aint a turn based rpg, it has some issues with farming, for 200 energy most of the days I get about 2-3 character shards, too complex for a phone game, you might face the same characters in the arena and not even play your characters cause stuns the entire team of yours, too expensive packs for a phone game too, the last month or two I play it more like a free labor and because I met some cool guild mates.
    Oh well, happy new year to y'all.
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