Maybe a 7* Thrawn guide?

I did it with a G9 Hera, Ezra, Chopper and G8 Kanan and Zeb, no omegas because I was at level 78 and I wasn’t wasting omegas on basics. Decent 5 dot mods, Zeb’s potency was at like 78% with only 156 speed, I had switched around mods to give Zeb 30% more potency but 30 less speed but it seemed to have worked. Everyone else was at or above 200 speed except kanan who had about 42k health/protection. It took me about 60 attempts but I got it done on the last day sitting in my college film class lol. I finished with Ezra and Hera alive both 1 attack away from dead. Omegas definitely would have helped along with a g10 Ezra which I had the gear for but I needed to be level 79 to equip it but I did it without g10 so I guess I get to save some gear. Kanan and Zeb needing 2 stun guns each for g9 is a bit ridiculous. So yeah sort of a stat guide for players who might be struggling or wondering what a minimum requirement would be.


  • All want do this event on minimum, but when i was waiting for Artist of war i upgraded all Phoenix to X tier with omegas on Basic ability. When event came and up to 7 * Thrawn the first time and I could enjoy getting my favorite character. I have no regrets about the Phoenixs improvement materials released. Because they were on tier X, I could do the last level of military might and the last level of secrets and shadows.
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