Geonosian Territory Battle Platoons (Light Side)

Hi Holotable Heroes,

With the Republic Offensive coming soon, we would be remiss if we failed to let you know what the Platoon requirements were for this Territory Battle as we have done in the past. Like Hoth and the Separatist Might Territory Battles the platoons are static and will remain as they are for the foreseeable future.

Because Republic Offensive is the most difficult content we have included to date, all platoon characters and ships need to be 7* to qualify for being put into platoons. In addition, phase three will require General Skywalker in a number of platoons (since he is not required for any missions in that phase). We know that this is a tall order to fill even for the highest GP guilds, but remember that this content is made to last for a while, and eventually guilds will have enough 7* General Skywalkers to have members fill the platoons and allow other members to use them in the battles themselves.

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