Are You Prepared For The Republic Offensive?

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

The light side Territory Battle on Geonosis, Republic Offensive, will be added to the client later today and I have a few quick updates from the team:
  • Several players pointed out Shaak Ti was in Phase III platoons and also required in missions in that phase. This was an oversight and will be corrected for the launch of the event.
  • ARC Trooper will be farmable on Cantina Battles 5-G tomorrow, 11/27, not immediately after today's update. This is replacing Clone Wars Chewbacca, which is still farmable on Cantina Battles 1-C.
  • Just the like Separatist Might, your Guild leaders must choose between Geonosis and Hoth for the light side Territory Battle. Don't forget to decide!

We've also got the kit reveals going live shortly so stay tuned to the forums.
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