Where is Darth Revan?

Hey Devs - since you’ve made the game in a way that basically reminds us over and over in every single pvp event that we all need darth revan, and then after months and months of farming yet another group of secondary toons just for the chance to unlock him... AND hoarding all my gear updates and zetas for when we finally get him.. ummm .. where the H-E-DBL HOCKEY STIX is he???

He’s come along every 80ish days.. but not this time? When then? How about a hint? A suggestion?


  • I’m guessing they are not releasing his event until the Journey Guide thingamajig comes out, at which point we’ll all hopefully have access at all times. Or something like that.
  • By their claim of they go in after one year he technically won't be in there is the concerning matter, but that's what I'm hoping. That or they're just taking advantage of the fact that they don't have to put him in the event calendar, they only have to give us a week's notice about it now.
  • Do we know when the next event is?
  • Sometime in the next month or so, that's the problem, they've never said they will tell us ahead of time but the best guess is around the release of the journey guide, maybe a bit before.
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