No C-3P0 in December ?

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Or is he going to appear maybe in the Journey Guide perhaps ?

I'm seeing all these one day mythics, so they will be likely to put 'older' events in there, 'hooray!'.


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    His event will be a permanent addition to the Journey Guide, which I think is supposed to go live in December. I'm not sure though. I came here looking for confirmation and can't find anything definitive.
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    yeah ive looked everywhere, still no updates on the guide.. hope it comes out soon.
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    It was said to be on the next update. So maybe even like with the "new content"... LS Geo TB , tomorrow?!
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    id be willing to bet it's part of the Journey Guide. in the Q&A yesterday they said Darth Revan will be part of the guide upon launch and he is due to come back right around now. if DR is part of the guide at launch i'm betting 3p0 will too
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    Although the waiting game is always the most horrible, should have some time schedule announced. But I guess the communication hasn't been CG's strong suite.
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